Frequently Asked Questions

Click to see the ALD Canada and the ALD USA Schedule of events.

With a valid ALD Tour Card you may compete in any ALD event globally.  ALD hosts multiple events annually. If you cannot compete in an ALD Canada Series, you may compete in ALD Major Qualifier Events and the ALD Last Chance Qualifier. All ALD competitors are required to hold a current ALD Tour Card. An ALD Tour Card is $100 USD and may be purchased HERE.

Canadian Events

  • Open Division - $150 CAD per event.
  • All Other Divisions - $75 CAD per event.

US Events

  • Regional Major - $100 USD
  • Last Chance Qualifier - $100 USD
  • World Championship - $200 USD (Must Qualify)

ALD is run as a membership based organization. All participants must have a tour card in order to compete. Tour card holders will have access to member benefits like discounts on merchandise etc. Entry fees for each event are put towards the running of the event and event related costs. A portion of the event entry fees also go to support our charitable partners.

  1. Full access to well-organized and competitive Long Drive competitions. 
  2. Members get access to Logn Drive equipment
  3. Long Drive events help improve players confidence.  Competing in Long Drive events is an excellent way to improve your driving skills and increase power off the tee!
  4. Participating in ALD Events will build your social media profile as all events are well promoted on Instagram and Facebook
You are competing for points. Some events may have prizing (sponsor dependent). Your goal is to develop your long drive talent and qualify for the ALD World Championships to be on ALD Team Canada.

Each ALD Canada event has a points ranking system that is weighted based on the size of the field.

There are three different pathways into the ALD World Championships:

  1. Be the overall points winner after all the Regional Major Events in Canada
  2. Win the Last Chance Qualifier the day before the World Championships
  3. Earn a Wild Card - Tour Commissioner discretion

Click to see the ALD Canada and the ALD USA Schedule of events

You must first purchase an ALD Tour Card HERE. Then go to our Schedule of Events to register online to compete.

Please check our Schedule of Events. Please note: new events are constantly being added.

Regular Golf attire is required.

  • Collared Shirt
  • No jeans or cargo shorts
  • Golf slacks/shorts/dresses/skorts are acceptable
  • Footwear

No! Your regular driver is acceptable, as long as it conforms to USGA(trademark) rules..

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs must appear on the United States Golf Association (USGA) conforming list and any that do not appear will not be allowed in competition.  Clubs must conform to the USGA Rules of Golf (Appendix ll, 1c), which limit the length of the club to a maximum of forty-eight inches (48”).  All players will be required to have their clubs inspected and cleared on-site prior to competition and will be measured on a Mitchell Golf CLUBLENGTH Measuring Ruler.

Golf Balls

Players are required to use the golf ball provided by ALD at all events.  Players are also required to ensure their golf balls are visible at all times on the hitting deck.


Any legal golf tee is permitted in ALD Competition.

The answer here may actually shock you! Most people assume that if they don’t hit it over 350 yards they are not competitive, but that is a huge misperception.

Below are the qualifying yardages for each division. If you can hit these, then you should enter:

Note: every event will return different results. Distance is affected by wind, humidity, grid conditions, and weather.

If you have a facility that is at least 350 yards long and 40 yards wide and you would like to host an ALD event, please contact us.

At each event participants will be hitting the same ball, in different colours, at least 2 people at a time in the tee box. Balls are provided.

Competition formats may vary slightly depending on participation numbers. You will hit at least 2 sets. Each set may be 6 or 8 balls depending on the event. Each set of 6 balls should take no longer than 2min and each set of 8 balls should take no longer than 3 mins.

The grid is the boundary within which the ball must lie to be considered in bounds. The grid is at least 40 yards wide. Grids are usually marked by pylons or flags or lines.

NO! that’s the best part. Only your longest ball in the grid counts. In a set of 6 balls you can have 5 out of bounds and it doesn’t matter as long as 1 is in the grid.

Yes there is and there is a lot of noise with people cheering and yelling to encourage you to smash it! This is what makes long drive events fun to participate in and watch.

Yes you can! Every event will have merchandise available for sale. Please bring cash as we cannot guarantee that we will have secure connections for payment machines on site.

Yes! Family and friends are encouraged to come out and cheer on their competitor! (Covid-19 protocols must be followed)

Yes! At each event the ALD™ Canada Series Director is either a teaching golf professional or a professional long drive competitor and can connect you with the right resources you need to increase your distance off the tee.

Yes! As an ALD Canada member, your Tour Card allows you to participate in any ALD sanctioned event worldwide. The more events you enter, the more points you accumulate and the more practise you get crushing drives into a grid.

The Last Chance Qualifier is held the day before the World Championships, in Myrtle Beach on Aug 15th, 2019. If you win your division at this event, you qualify for the World Championships the next day.

The ALD World Championships will be streamed live over the internet on the ALD Canada website so you can invite your entire fan base to watch and support you.

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