How to Participate

How to Participate

Click the button below to view the qualifying yardages required to be eligible for competition.

How far do I have to hit to compete

Get Your Tour Card

  • You must obtain an ALD Tour Card to participate in Long Drive Events
  • Obtaining your Tour Card means that you become a member of ALD and allows you to participate in ALD Events Worldwide.
  • Tour Cards must be purchased from the ALD USA site, as ALD Canada is a part of ALD USA
  • Purchasing from the ALD USA website does not mean you are limited to USA Events, it qualifies you for Canadian events and Global Events.
  • Register for ALD Events once you have purchased your Tour Card by clicking the button below.

Youth & Juniors Tour Cards

  • Youth age -  Ages 13 and under
  • Junior - Ages 14 to 17
  • Please note, on the ALD USA site, that you will need to purchase the Youth Tour Card which covers both Juniors and Youth for events
Get Your Youth & Juniors Tour Card

Adults Tour Cards

  • Must be 18+ 
  • Allows you to enter all ALD Events
Get Your Adult Tour Card


  • The cost of the ALD Tour Card for 18+ Members is $100 USD and allows you to enter into all ALD events for that season.
  • The cost of the ALD Tour Card for Youth & Juniors is $50 USD and allows you to enter into all hosted events for that season.

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